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Day of the Beards

I heard a rustling sound from the corridor and glanced knowingly at Joe. “They’re back.” Together we flung open the door and fired our revolvers at the horde of beards gathering outside. We shot dead perhaps five of the beards and the rest scattered, but they would return before long, and the fact of the matter was there were more beards in the night than there were bullets in the drawer. I poured another glass of whiskey to steady my nerves. Joe flicked open his revolver and calmly slid another round into each chamber. Outside we could hear a dragging sound as the beards carried their fallen comrades away. They’d be back. They’d be back soon.

I knew that this day was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier now that it’s here

Ze Frank finished The Show today.

It is very difficult to explain how this feels to someone who didn’t watch it.

One person on the forums said it was like all of us had been dating him. For 3 – 5 minutes a day we would listen and he would talk. He’d tell us his thoughts, his hopes, his fears. Things that inspired him and things that annoyed him. How he felt about people in Starbucks knowing it was his birthday. How he felt when random crap got him down.

The other amazing part of it was the community. Being a sports racer, being a fabuloso. Knowing that there are people out there who have been touched the same way you have. Knowing that the community would do things for its members, like when a guy went across continental USA using only sports racers for transport. Playing collaborative chess with all sorts of people and learning more about chess than I could digest. Playing in the ORG, ‘you are not alone’. Avoiding being a hard charger. Remembering the initial drive to show Ze to as many people as possible.

Wanting to find other sports racers in the future, just to share that feeling again.

Not wanting to let it go.

Thankyou, Ze.